October 2022
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Preparing to arrive

  • Masks are required at all times while in the building including on ice
  • Skaters may not arrive until 10 minutes prior to ice start.
  • Skaters must come fully dressed (excluding gloves, helmet, skates)
  • No bags allow (excluding goalies)
  • No locker rooms, skaters must stay in assigned seating area- Skaters must leave the building within 10 minutes of end of ice

Arriving and check in

  • All organizations are required to have staff in their designated dressing areas supervising, directing
    and enforcing social distancing rules.
  • Pods and group sizes- 2 pods of 15 or less skaters allowed on ice at one time.
  • Skaters are not allowed to leave their dressing area until they are directed to go on the ice by their
    coaches and instructors.
  • Parents and spectators are not allowed inside the building
  • For children under 10, requiring parent assistance, only 1 parent is allowed in the building with the
    child and must remain with the child’s social distance area while assisting them before and after their
    ice time. After young skaters have gone on to the ice parents are required to leave the building and
    may assist them when their ice time is done

On ice guidelines

  •  Skaters must bring their own water bottles clearly marked with their name.
  •  Skaters and coaches all must abide by social distancing rules and guidelines while on the ice.
  • No spitting, yelling or other actions that may cause droplet spray on the ice.
  • Cough or sneeze into your arm and jersey.
  • Skaters must always keep their gloves on.
  • Please allow 2 minutes before the scheduled end time to allow time for picking up equipment and
    organizing players to leave the ice socially distanced.

After Ice Time

  • Skaters must remain in their assigned dressing area until all skaters in their pod are ready to leave.
    Instructors are required to lead skaters socially distanced as pods to the exits.
  • Use hand sanitizer after undressing and packing up your equipment and bags.