There is so much more to the sport of hockey than what the average viewer sees while watching the highest levels. There is depth to this culture that permeates from youth to the NHL. There is a tangible unification that is shared and felt by all. This film will tell the stories of passion, social network, camaraderie, motivation, strength and much more through the eyes of a diverse selection of characters from around the world, in unique locations.

From the beaches of Southern California to the frozen Twin Cities to Ohio, Pennsylvania, Toronto and beyond, this film follows Tara, Ogie, Jaime, Brandon & Mike. Each unique character tells us of their connection to hockey; how and why they began playing; what the sport means to them socially; and how hockey has helped them in different aspects of their lives, as they entertain with stories of successes, challenges, obstacles and heartbreak.

This film will illustrate that regardless of who you are or where you come from, there is a common bond shared by all who have laced up their skates and experienced this amazing life-long sport. It’s these common threads that are woven into the fabric of this community and this is what defines hockey.

“I never met any of those guys anywhere else but through hockey. Every one of those guys…You can see how tight a lot of those guys were and everything…from hockey. Whats the connection? Hockey.” ~ Ogie




Adam Howard is a Minnesota-born, life-long hockey player who is fueled by creativity.
Adam prides himself on his Midwestern work ethic and tenacity. Having worked most of his career as a project manager in space development at the University of Minnesota, Adam has gained valuable skills in creative problem solving, detailed planning and effective project management and delivery.
For nearly his entire life, Adam has been passionate about hard work, creative projects, seeing the world and having fun. As a co-creator of 4 The Love of Puck documentary, Adam is blending his passions for film, travel, collaboration, networking, project management and an active lifestyle together in one endeavor. His mind is always engaged as he is constantly seeking that next big idea.



Cas grew up near Saint Paul, MN and has been playing and involved with hockey since age 5. This sport has truly been a lifelong passion of his and working on this brand and film project “4 The Love of Puck” has been a dream come true. He has a creative soul and has spent most of his life in the design and architecture field and always taking on personal creative projects. from original music in rock bands, home design projects and anything in between. Melding this passion for hockey and creativity through film is a great fit for him.
Playing hockey with Adam for the last 15+ years has led to this creative team following their passion to tell the tale of this sport from a unique perspective.



Joe is a cinematographer based out of Minneapolis. He grew up in St. Paul, MN and has played hockey starting from a very young age. He gained an interest in film making from an early age through creating skateboarding content with friends around the city. This outlet for his creativity eventually led him to film school in Chicago at DePaul University. Joe worked in the industry in Chicago for 5 or 6 years at various agencies and production companies. He has relocated to Minneapolis and continues to produce creative content for a variety of different types of clients.
When Joe connected with 4 the Love of Puck he found that mixing his creativity and one of his lifelong interests of hockey made a lot of sense. Upon clicking with the group immediately things were off and running. His tuned eye for artistic shots and scene creation adds a perfect touch to the content within this project. He has since not only joined in on working with this project but also skates with Adam and Cas on a regular basis.


Andy Howard

Chris Cahoon

Ryan Cody

Seth Schramm

Derek Blinkman

Maren Brandel

Ashley Voge

Mahrya Johnson

Martha Johnson

Jon Benedict

Shelley Harrington

Erikka Graves

Collin Sandoe

Vickie Howard

Laura Dworak

Megan Benedict

Erich Sass

Sean Johnson

Peter Wienke

Nicole Johnson

Rachael Blais

Kate Ecklund

John Payne

Stephanie Roberts

Mary Williams

Estella Howard

Vincent Howard

Elexa Howard

Kent Hamre

Mark Hamre

Carole Hamre

Paul Hamre

Stacy Zwerdling

Russ Putnam

Pete Fischer

Brian Austin

Meghan Shank

Christoffer Leandersson

Conor Rzeszutek

Eric Lunseth

Ryan Mease

Joe Dugan

Meghan Howard Green

Barbara Chu

Larry Langlois

Danny Hsing

Ben Erickson

Colleen Mills

Jorge Santos

John Pitzl

Martina Hansen

Vicki Howard

Sabraj Nijjar

Molly Sheehy

Andy Hahn

Alexandra Lindahl

Andy Berndt

Anne Ryan

Jerome Sparkman

Arthur Guerrero

Kathy Schoenberger

Ryan Bahl

Sam Sig Bisciglia

Alex Evans