WELCOME…to Tuesday night Pick-up Hockey!  This is our continuation of our Tuesday skates and started in Summer 2023.  We want this to be a solid co-ed skate each week with the most regular group as possible.  There is a registration link below for those who are looking to sign up for full time.  Otherwise we will list our skates for this each week and you can infill as needed with full-time skaters taking priority for the ice.

We are offering a full schedule of co-ed friendly Tuesday night fun that will suit your hockey fix and leave your weekend free for all of the other activities that Minnesota has to offer!


UPDATED: 03.03.2023


11 Tuesday night skates (varied times)
10 Sunday AM skater (varied times)
Looking for 20 consistent skaters if possible (will fill-in with skaters each week with drop ins)


$273.00 for all 21 ( guaranteed spot)
$165.00 for all Tuesdays
$150.00 for all Sundays
*All full time skaters will be issued a code upon payment via venmo
*Must register yourself each week per skate on the website
Venmo: @c_semlak
$16.00 Drop in costs
**Here is the basic schedule.  There are some missing dates that we might add, TBD!

Skill Level:

We are trying to keep this a little less intense skate however, we have to fill the time so will do so as needed.  Each week open spots will be advertised hoping for 20-22 total skaters each week.


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