What is better than travel and of course hockey?  Save your answer, we already know what it is!  Nothing gets us more excited than these two things, and especially when you put them together!  We truly will create “Trips of a lifetime!” with these tours.  We take care of all the details for your trip and help to curtail your journey with custom itineraries to hopefully fit what you are looking for.   You will see amazing locations, meet new people, eat extraordinary food and of course hockey in international towns!  We choose  great hotels, private busses and stops that are nothing less than breathtaking.  So hop the globe with us, and play some hockey along the way!



Looking for a great international tournament?  We are partnered with different groups around the globe that put on great tournaments for you to compete in!  There are a lot of different options we can work with, we just want to know the basics form you.  Where and when, we will take care of the rest.  These tournaments are typically coupled with tours to different cities.  We can create destination stops for tours, simply walking around on your own and of course to play in an exhibition hockey game or two with local teams!   Travel like a pro, but fee free to play like a beer leaguer!   

“Traveling with 4 The love of PUCK  was an adventure of a lifetime. Everyone was easy to get along with, and if I wanted to spend more time exploring the city we were in there was no judgment for not attending a game. Hanging out with the local hockey players was an awesome experience you won’t want to miss though. It’s a true immersion into the local culture. Traveling from town to town in a large comfortable tour bus was very nice as well. It takes a lot of stress out of traveling and also enables you to enjoy the landscape between stops. Looking forward to another trip! ”  – Thomas R.



Got yourself a solid squad? That’s great! Bring it! Let us help you and all your hockey buddies experience the trip of a lifetime! We would love to put you in one of our itineraries or help pull something together that fits the time of year and location you are looking for.



Do you love to play hockey and travel?  We let us connect you with some new buddies to adventure with!  We love the opportunity to connect folks over this great sport!  As you probably know the hockey community is very unique and we are constantly finding new ways to reach out to players to join in our skates, tournaments, travel and other opportunities!



You definitely don’t have to play hockey to have a blast on our trips!  Group travel is great way to see some amazing places at a reasonable cost.  The reality is that the games that teams play on our trips are only a small portion of the journey.  There is a lot of time in the stops we make to explore on your own.  You will be well taken care of on this trip with great places to stay, quality transportation, some of your meals taken care of, and hey, if you DO love hockey, the games are a cheap form of entertainment.  Not to mention, the teams you play love to entertain, meet new people and give a taste of their culture. (beer)

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