Final Puck Drop

August 8th – 3:00pm


Madison, WI

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Welcome to the “Heart of Dariyland” but there is so much more! Madison is ranked as one of the best places to visit and to live.

The tournament is set at a very traditional junior style hockey arena with a couple great sheets of ice. This is the very home where Minnesota Wild’s Ryan Suter grew up and played.

The arena is set up perfectly with a great little bar overlooking the ice for players, fans and families to hang out and enjoy a beverage or two in Wisconsin!

Everything is surrounded by some great places to stay and very close to the lively activity of Madison’s State street. Loaded with a variety of food and fun, there will be no lack of things to do after your games!

Come and join us in 2021 at Bob Suter Arena for some hockey and fun!  Year after year this event & this location is proven to not disappoint! Join us  in Wisconsin to meet new and old friends, eat some food, drink a beer or two and obviously play some PUCK!



  • Games played at Bob Suter’s Capitol Ice Arena
  • 4 game guarantee
  • Join as team or as a Free Agent
  • Coed Friendly Tournament
  • Fun for kids and Family
  • Approved refs
  • Sport drinks provided
  • Multiple skill levels
  • Games will be three periods
  • Two referees and scorekeeper at each game
  • All tournament participants receive a free gift
  • Hosted beer at arena bar
  • Friday night welcome party
  • Saturday night pub crawl
  • Full tournament details, including rules – In Progress
  • A potion of the fees will be donated to local youth hockey

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A, B, C, D & Women’s

(Coed Friendly Tournament)

  • Team Fee : $1350.00
  • Free Agent Player: $125.00

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Playing Time/Penalty Minutes
  • Playing time for all games will be 17 min running time periods.
  • Last 2 minutes of the game can be stop time if the losing team chooses to run the clock.
Penalty times are as follows:
                              Minor                       2:00
                              Major                        5:00
                              Misconduct              6:00                         
No team is permitted a time-out in round robin play.
In consolation game or championship game there is one timeout per game.
· Starting Time/Warm Up Period
A)    Teams should be ready to enter the ice surface for the warm-up period up to ten minutes prior to the scheduled start time. If the tournament is running ahead of schedule teams are expected to be ready to play.
B)     Warm-up time shall be 5 minutes.
· Zero Tolerance – Referees will be instructed to strictly enforce zero tolerance rules. The tournament committee reserves the right to remove from the arena players or spectators who violate  zero tolerance policies.
· Game Misconduct Penalty – Any player or coach receiving a game misconduct penalty shall be suspended for the next tournament game.
· Fighting or Fisticuffs – Players receiving major penalties for Fighting or Fisticuffs in tournament games shall be immediately suspended for all games remaining in the tournament. 
Match Penalty – Any player who receives a match penalty shall be
suspended immediately for the balance of the tournament and these players, coaches and teams will not be welcomed for future  tournaments.
Game Points
Teams will be awarded points in round-robin play according to the following:
  • Two points for a win
  • One point for a tie
  • Zero points for a loss
Tournament Standings
Standings will be compiled by the tournament director and staff and posted at the rinks
Teams will be ranked within their tournament division by the total number of points obtained. In the event of a tie, final standings will be determined by the following criteria:
a.       Head to head competition – With 3 or more teams tied, all teams must have played each other and there must be an obvious winner. If not we skip Head to Head and go to Most Wins.
b.      Most wins
c.       Goal differential (5 goal maximum differential for a single game)
d.      Fewest goals against
e.       Fewest penalty minutes
f.       Coin toss
Tie games/Tie breaking procedures
Each team will receive one point for a round-robin game that is tied at the end of regulation play.
There will be no overtime periods for 3rd Place Games if tied at the end of regulation play. 
If a semi-final or championship game ends in a tie the following tie-breaking procedure will be followed:
a.       5 minute sudden death overtime period (4 on 4, plus goalies)
b.       Shootout (4 players/team – each player may only shoot once) – most goals wins
c.        If shootout ends in tie, sudden death shootout until winner is decided (each team must continue through their roster until all players have taken a shot. If the shoot-out is not decided, players will continue to shoot in the same order as their first shots.)

Let’s Go Skate!!!

Thank you so much for checking out our site! We hope we get a chance to get on the ice with you soon! If you are ready to throw your stick in the middle, or bring you own squad to join in the fun, please click on the register and payment buttons. Otherwise, please visit again! We plan to have lots more hockey opportunities in the near future! Thanks ! ~ 4 The Love of PUCK




Playoff Games: