Pleasant Arena – 08.12.2022


Aug 12 2022


8:00 pm - 9:15 pm


Pleasant Arena
848 Pleasant Ave, St Paul, MN 55102

Event Attendees


4 The Love of PUCK
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Friday Night Hockey

Thanks for skating!  This should be a fun fast skate.
1.  IF you can’t make it, go to your profile and remove yourself so we can make room for subs.  You can find all your event tickets on your profile page.  Reach out with questions.
2.  This list will get posted each week before the skate for subs to sign up and to keep an eye on who is showing up for the skate.
3. Goalies, please let me know in advance if you are gonna be out.  We have a few that would play if needed.
4.  This will be limited to 20 Skaters.  Full time players take priority.
See you on the ice!
1. May 6th – 8pm
2. May 13th – 8pm
3. May 20th – 8pm
4. *** THURSDAY May 26th – 8:45pm @ Augsburg
5. June 3rd – 8pm
6. June 10th – 8pm
7. June 17th – 8pm
8. June 24th – 8pm
9. July 8th – 8pm
10. July15th – 8pm
11. July 22nd – 8pm
12. July 29th – 8pm
13. August 12th – 8pm
14. August 19th – 8pm
15. August 26th – 8pm

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